Распылитель 1804, без сопла (высота штока — 10 см, 1/2 ВР)

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    Sprinklers of the 1800 ™ Rain Bird series (USA) are the best-selling sprayers for 25 years,  compatible with nozzles like MPR, VAN, U-series, RN-series and 1400-series. Sprinkler (fan, static spray, sprinkler), the height of the stem — 10, 15 and 30 cm., Designed for watering a lawn of small areas (irrigation radius from 0.5 m to 6.6 m) of flower beds of shrubs. The sector and radius of irrigation is regulated by the choice of nozzles (nozzles).

Static (fan) sprinklers (sprayers) have a simple design, without rotating parts.  Spraying occurs due to the pressure of water passing under pressure through the sprinkler body, while the entire sector is simultaneously irrigated. The disadvantages of this type of sprinklers include a small irrigation radius (0.6-5.5 m) and high water consumption (4-16 l / min).

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Installation scheme for static sprinklers

Installation scheme for static sprinklers


— Irrigation radius: 0.6-5.5 m (selected by different nozzles)

-Flow: 0.10-1.21 m3 / hour (selected by different nozzles)

-Optimal range of working water pressure: 1.0-2.1 bar

-Sliding part (stock): -10cm, -15cm. and 30 cm.


— Mounting hole diameter: Internal thread — 1/2 «(dume)

— Visible top diameter: 5.7cm

-Height of the case: Model 1804 — 15.0 cm; Model 1806 — 24.0 cm; Model 1812 — 40.0 cm.

-Stem height: 1804-10.0 cm; 1806: 15.0 cm; 1812: 30.0 cm.

   For almost three decades, Rain Bird has been a leader among manufacturers of spray guns (fan, static sprinklers). The reason for this was the excellent quality and long service life of such equipment.




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